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Schools at Waanyarra

Pupil Photos—Waanyarra School 1879

Contact us please if you have any information about any of these photos. Do you have any photos which could be included here ?  

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The “Penny” School

A privately run school, so named because (apparently) families could send their children there at the cost of one penny (less than one cent) per week. The Gibbs’ mud brick house was constructed with stone at the bottom five courses and corners and resisted erosion very well until the shingle roof collapsed about 30 years … Continue reading »

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Jones’ Creek School No.339

Victoria was the first colony to institute free, compulsory and secular schooling. But this was not achieved without argument, debate and conflict between Church leaders, politicians and colonial dissenters. By 1872 Jones’ Creek School had become one of the many secular schools in Victoria. The first school at Jones’ Creek was at Secret Hill. Its … Continue reading »

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Waanyarra State School No. 1879

LETTER TO THE BOARD OF EDUCATION from Waanyarra residents (c1873) Dear Sir, We, the inhabitants of Waanyarra desire to draw your attention to the fact that we are desireable of the means of instruction for our children, having no school in the locality and would earnestly pray that you would use your influence to establish … Continue reading »

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School Teachers

Roll of Teachers Teaching staff records were not kept with much accuracy until the early 1890’s. Most of the Waanyarra School’s teachers roll was compiled from correspondence between the School the Board of Advice and the Education Department of Victoria. These letters are stored at the Public Records Office, Laverton, Victoria. Other names not included … Continue reading »

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