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School Teachers

Posted by on February 26, 2012

Roll of Teachers

Teaching staff records were not kept with much accuracy until the early 1890’s. Most of the Waanyarra School’s teachers roll was compiled from correspondence between the School the Board of Advice and the Education Department of Victoria. These letters are stored at the Public Records Office, Laverton, Victoria.

Other names not included in the Laverton records have been found by research and personal interviews.

HARPER, Williams Head Teacher Sept.1857 Dec. 1857
HEMING, Samuel Head Teacher 1862 1868
MUDGE, Mr. Head Teacher – 1870
MUDGE, Mrs. Work Mistress 1870
BIRRELL, David Watson Head Teacher Jan. 1871 1904
BIRRELL, Elizabeth Mrs. Work Mistress Jan. 1871 1904
BOAN, Alice Miss Pupil Teacher 1878 –
GOURLEY, Clara Miss Pupil Teacher 1885
FYFE, Miss Temp. Head Teacher 1904 –
CLARK, George Head Teacher 1904 1908
LOWRIE, Eva Pupil Teacher 1904 –
DESANTIS, Olive Pupil Teacher 1904
SLATTERY, Miss Sewing Mistress 1904 –
STRANGE, T. G. Mr Head Teacher 1908 1912
CRELLIN, Mr. Head Teacher 1912 1915
WAT-R, R. W. Mr Head Teacher 1915 1916
BOOL, Vera Miss Head Teacher 1916 1928
BAKER, Miss Eva Sewing Mistress 1918 –
BAKER, Fanny Miss Pupil Teacher 1918 –
CROCKER,MR. Head Teacher 1928 Nov. 1928
HORTLE, Alice Miss Head Teacher 1928 1929
HARVEY, Mary Miss Head Teacher 1930 1931
RYE, Frank Mr. Head Teacher 1931 1932
HARRISON, N. E. Mr. Temp. Head Teacher 1932 1934
STARR, Eisie Miss Head Teacher 1934 1936
MITCHELL, Edith Miss Head Teacher 1936 1940
GREEN, M.R. Miss Head Teacher 1940 1942


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