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“In Neptune’s Wake” by Ken Morton

Posted by on March 1, 2012

In Neptune’s Wake

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Whilst written primarily as a family history for his children, Ken Morton’s book “In Neptune’s Wake” records the story of one of Waanyarra’s pioneering families, the Mortons, and their associated families.

The family, established by Irish convict Michael Morton in the early 1850’s lived at Waanyarra for almost 100 years—their original homestead “The Welcome Inn” still stands.

“In Neptune’s Wake” – Introduction

“In Neptune’s Wake” – Chapter 1

“In Neptune’s Wake” – Chapter 2 part1

“In Neptune’s Wake” – Chapter 2 part2

“In Neptune’s Wake” – Chapter 3 part 1

“In Neptune’s Wake” – Chapter 3 part 2

The remaining chapters deal with the lives and activities of the people in the various branches of Ken’s family and not considered appropriate for inclusion on the site.

Hard copies of the book are no longer available.

Ken has updated the content progressively on CD since first publishing in 1993.






13 Responses to “In Neptune’s Wake” by Ken Morton

  1. robyn

    hello i have recently begun researching my family tree and are interested in alexander mcinnes and eliza stone who were my g grandparents. Do you have any additional sites or information on these people. Also i would love a copy of your book, how would i go about that? Thankyou Robyn

    • mort30

      Which Waanyarra family name are you a descendant of Robyn ? You may get some responses if people know this.
      My book is out of print, but you can download the first three updated chapters from the “Books” category on the website and save to read at your leisure—the rest of the book is my family stuff and not appropriate for the website
      Best of luck with your search
      Ken Morton

  2. Betty Gleeson

    Sir. I am researching an O’Brien family in North Tipperary. The Patrick Brien who was tried with John Morton & referred to in the Nenagh Guardian article on page 5 – have you any idea where he was from? He was transported on the Samuel Boddington ( gives in details ‘ tried with John Morton on board’ ). I see Gortaguna mentioned re the Morton family.
    My O’Brien family came from Mucklin (near Dolla) in Silvermines parish. I am looking for two (if not three) brothers- & both Denis and Michael went on the S Boddington plus there is a mention of a John in the Nenagh Guardian. Must read more of In Neptune’s Wake – if you can help I would be very grateful. Betty Gleeson

    • mort30

      Sadly, I don’t have any info regarding Patrick Brien but my best guess is that he was probably a local lad with the Mortons from around the Cullahill / Roscrae area.
      Best of luck with your research,
      Ken Morton

  3. Elizabeth Grist

    Hi Ken,
    I am a decendent of Thomas Morton from Ampetheatre(I may have miss spelt this) a child of Michael Morton. I met you at one of the back to reunions and purchased one of your books. unfortunatley it was lost by a member of my family and was sad to read it is out of print as I would have liked to purchase another one. Will it be going back into print again?

    • mort30

      Hello Elizabeth,
      You are something of a blast from the past.
      I do not have the resources to republish, but you will find the first few chapters on this website. Check out the category “Books about Waanyarra”
      I have updated the contents a few times since that first effort, and have it on CD in PDF format
      Wonderful to hear from you.

  4. John Thomas Ralston

    Ken I was saddened to see that you no longer have your book “In Neptune’s Wake” in print but noticed that you do have it on CD in PDF format. I would really like to buy one of these as Michael Morton is my great great grandfather on my mothers side Rita Harriet Ralston nee Morton. My grandfather Thomas Morton hales also from the golden triangle. Now that I am getting older and time is flying past, I would love to read everything about my family history and see the family tree, and as I did see my sisters copy of your book some years back and it had the tree in it. I spent a lot of time visiting with my Great Aunt Dolly Richards and her family up at Amphitheater when i was young. What great memories. Can you let me know if the CD is still available, the cost and postage.. thank you John.

    • mort30

      Greetings John,
      Apologies for the tardiness of this reply.
      The first three chapters of my book are available on the website. Follow the links from the “Books” category and you can download them as PDF files.
      These chapters are the only ones which deal with the history and genealogy of Michael Morton, his ancestry and descendants and would contain the information you are seeking I would imagine.
      The rest of the book is devoted to my family and would not be of general interest.
      If you are unable to access the files, send me your address and I will send them to you on a CD.

      • John Thomas Ralston

        Ken thank you for your great read. The only thing missing was the charts 7a and 7b the ones about John Charles (my grandfather Mortons brother)and Elizabeth Armstrong, chart 7a. I would also be grateful for my Great Aunt Dollys and Uncle Bills chart 7b as I spent a lot of time with them and my cousins at Ampi from mid 1950 till I last seen them about 1982. I left Victoria and now live in Queensland. Sadly I see that Great Aunty Molly (Alice May) and her husband Uncle Herbert who I never knew, I only knew Uncle Len his brother who remained with Aunty Molly until she died and then went back to England. If you have any information on them especially Aunty Molly I would be also in your debt.
        John Ralston

  5. Kerry Marsh

    Hi Ken, what a font of information. I have to point out an error though. My father is Thomas Joseph Morton, son on Thomas Arthur Morton and Marjorie Whittaker. He is listed as John Thomas and Marjorie also had a daughter Dorothy, who died of pneumonia around the age of 14. I am not sure where she was in the pecking order. Uncle Don is the only living member of the children from that marriage. Nanna died in 1991 (approx). Thomas Arthur Morton fought in France 1916-1917. He was gassed in Frommelles I believe, resulting in his being returned home. His brother, as you know was killed in Belgium. I don’t know if you want our family chronology to add to this but Thomas Joseph Morton married Beverley Lorraine Godwin in Talbot. Raymond Leslie Morton was born 7/7/56 – partnered Jenny (Unknown Surname) and had Kyle Morton (1998). Lynne Marie Morton (29/11/19961) married Tony Catania and gave birth to Sharna Catania and Shannan Sophia Catania. I was born 29/11/1962 married Ivan John Pasquali (6/6/1987) and gave birth to Lisa-Maree Pasquali 14/5/1988. I divorced Ivan and married Geoffrey Andrew Marsh in 2001. We had two children prior to our marriage Danielle Ashley Pasquali-Marsh (22-11-1994 – 19-6-2010) and Aaron Geoffrey Marsh 18/11/1996. Hope you keep this site up and keep collecting the family information. It is a great read and you have done a great job. Thank you

    • John Thomas Ralston

      Thanks Ken and I am so glad that you where late,with your reply the charts were great and exactly what I needed. But most of all Kerry Morton’s email address is a great help.
      Putting a family history together is somewhat of a brain teaser and I must admit that I did stop before I went crazy. I actually had one relative dead and buried who was alive and kicking.
      Since emailing Kerry I have got the old bug back and those old memories keep flooding making me homesick for the wonderful times I lived with Aunty Dolly and Uncle Bill at Ampi and of course Nana and Grandpa at Golden Square.

  6. Wayne Hill

    What a wonderful legacy this book is to your descendants, I became interested in it, after a search on Google that had convicts and Bermuda as the search criteria. My gr gr grandfather was sent to VDL via Bermuda and ended up in doing the slow long trip after being refused entry at the Cape. Once again thanks for a great read about your family history. Regards Wayne Hill from Wollongong.

  7. Geraldine King

    Hi Ken
    My second great grandmother is Maria Morton Born 1854 in Ireland came to Australia she married a man name James Freeman. But I’m having trouble finding her parents can you suggest best place to look.

    Geraldine King

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