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Ballier’s 1868 Victorian Directory for Jones’ Creek

Posted by on April 21, 2012


Loddon District; Postal Village; Dist from Melb 113 miles
Samuel Heming, C Sch Teacher, Thomas Comrie Postmaster
Allen William, storekeeper
Anderson James, miner
Argnani Augusto, inkmaker
Aubrey David, miner
Baker Charles, miner
Barns Thomas, tailor, Grassy Flat
Benson Robert, dairyman, Mosquito Gully
Berry John, farmer, Grassy Flat
Boan Thomas, publican
Britten James, miner
Burns James, butcher
Campbell Donald, miner
Campbell John, blacksmith
Carewickham J, brickmaker, Long Gully
Cogswell James, gunsmith
Comrie Thomas, postmaster
Daly James and William, miners
Derrick William, miner
Douthat William, dairyman, Mosquito Gully
Draper Alexander, miner, Grassy Flat
Elliott Henry Felix, storekeeper
Frayne John, carpenter
Galliene Nicholas, Farmer, Mosquito Gully
Gibbs John, storekeeper
Gourlay James, wheelwright
Graham George, farmer, Mosquito Gully
Grimsdale Edward, farmer
Head Benjamin saddler, Dunolly road
Heming Samuel, schoolmr, Secret Hill
Herton Benjamin, gardener, Eddington
Holland M, wheelwright, Mosquito Gully
Holt Mrs, cowkeeper, Dunolly rd
Holt William, dairyman
James Joseph, farmer, Mosquito Gully
Johnstone R, storekeeper, Dunolly rd
Jones John, farmer, Mosquito
Leech Thomas, dairyman, Grassy Flat
Lester Harman, miner, Mosquito Gully
Lockey Thomas, farmer, Mosquito Gully
Manby Emanuel, dairyman, Mosquito Gully
Mc`Corkindale D, baker, Dunolly rd
Mc`Donald John, miner
Morrisey James, storekpr, Long Gully
Morrison D, carpenter, Long Gully
Morton Michael, storekeeper, Mosquito Gully
Mueller Mrs, tobacco grower, Mosquito Gully
Page Richard, miner, Williams Gully
Pearce Charles, miner, Dunolly rd
Peck John, miner, Barns Flat
Rands Edward, gardener, Grassy Flat
Richardson James, miner
Robertson Edward, miner, Barns Flat
Robson John, blacksmith, Dunolly rd
Samson Thomas, miner, Secret Hill
Scholes Robert, gardener, Mosquito Gully
Sharp James, miner
Thomson George, JP, Waanyarra
Thomson James, shoemaker
Turner Mary, gardener, Dunolly rd
Vaughan Law, miner, Williams Gully
Williams Henry, miner, Mosquito Gully

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