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Co-founder (Back in 1988) of the "Families and Friends of Waanyarra", along with my wife Rozanne, and Lynne and Max Douthat


          May 2017   George Swinburne, Convenor, Waanyarra Reunion Apartment 1701 The Hallmark, 2-14 Albert Road South Melbourne  Vic.  3205 Phone: (613) 9686 6737 Mobile 0413 612 623 Waanyarra Website:                   Waanyarra Reunion Sunday 26 March 2017 The Waanyarra Recreation Reserve … Continue reading »

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Elizabeth Allen (Brison)

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White Family of Waanyarra

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January 2012

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November 2010

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February 2010

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December 2007

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January 30th. 2007

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Depression letter

Tailings Newsletter of the Goldfields Historical and Arts Society Inc. No.A9641 Museum at 75 Broadway Dunolly 3472 John Tully editor No. 564                                                                                                                    November 2012   DEPRESSION LETTER  Many people came upon hard times during the 1930s depression. This letter is from one of them.  It is written in pencil on … Continue reading »

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Pupil Photos—Waanyarra School 1879

Contact us please if you have any information about any of these photos. Do you have any photos which could be included here ?  

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Strahan Skuthorpe

SIMON and ANNIE (“GRANNY”) STRAHAN (nee Bright) (Famous Waanyarra Midwife) and WILLIAM SKUTHORPESimon Strahan, with his three half brothers, went gold digging in California from Dublin, but were not successful and came to Australia. On their ship coming to Australia was a Mr. Boan whom Simon taught to write and read. They went to Waanyarra … Continue reading »

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Scholes/Gallienne/Jones Families

 SCHOLES / GALLIENNE/JONES Nicholas and Rachael Gallienne / on Nicholas’ birthday 22/07/1877 By Nell Silke and Freda Scholes “Nicholas Gallienne of French descent, and his second wife, Rachel lived on the Island of Guernsey in the English Channel. They set sail from England bound for Australia on the 9th December, 1849, on the ship Trafalgar, … Continue reading »

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PEARCE FAMILIES   THE JOHN PEARCE FAMILY OF WAANYARRA Information from Clive Pearce, Sea Lake and from granddaughter of Charles Pearce, Lorna Beaton (nee Pearce) “There were fifteen children in our family, all but one was born at Waanyarra. Thomas Charles was born at Murphy’s Creek, but soon after came to Waanyarra. We were very much … Continue reading »

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Lockett Family

LOCKETT FAMILYJAMES LOCKETT Some Memories I Have Of My Grandfather, James Lockett By Nellie Grant “When James Lockett’s mother died the young James went to sea. At an overseas port he met this older brother who told him to ‘Get Back Home’, but James disobeyed and kept on with his life at sea. One of … Continue reading »

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Raven & Williams Family

THE RAVENS & THE WILLIAMS’  HENRY RAVENRAVEN AND WILLIAMS FAMILIES The Williams Family By: Nell Callister “There were eight of them, Dave, Bill, Jim, Tom, Ted, Jane, Emily and Alice. Along with the Raven kids, they walked two and a half miles to attend the Waanyarra School. The families had no money but they had … Continue reading »

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Edward Morton & Mary Elizabeth Sturni

 TED & MARY’ Family Tree Chart.pdf  

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Bartolomeo Sturni & Amelia Thorp

BART STURNI and AMELIA THORP BARTOLOMEO (BART) STURNIThe name Sturni is a dialect form of the Swiss word Storni whose literal meaning is “starlings.” Bartolomeo (Bart) Sturni arrived in Western Australia in 1858 aboard the ship Winefred.” He was one of the many hundreds of Swiss people who came to Australia around this time, many … Continue reading »

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John Moten—His Crime, His Trial, The Verdict

Extracts from the “Nenagh Guardian” of the day.      

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Tobacco growing in Waanyarra

TOBACCO GROWING AT WAANYARRA  Tobacco was first grown at Waanyarra in the summer of 1864-65. Mr. Thomas Leech planted ½ acre crop at Grassy Flat, the fertile creek flats North of Morton’s Welcome Inn. The venture was successful, so the following season he planted a larger area. After dismissing the belief that the locally grown … Continue reading »

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Other years

A listing of some events, some humourous, some tragic, some natural and some not, that have been documented as part of Waanyarra’s colourful history. Do you have any such recollections that may be worthy of inclusion on this page? See home page for contact details. 1862 In January, 1862 temperatures soared to 118 degrees F … Continue reading »

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John and Margaret CampbellJohn Campbell– born March 29 1832 Laigh Glencroe Farm, Lochgoilhead Parish, Argyll, Scotland Arrived in the Colony of Victoria at Port Phillip on the 11th March 1853 at the age of 21 years from the port of Greenock, Scotland on the ship “Malabar.” The ship carried all Scots emigrants. He was accompanied … Continue reading »

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Gail Cox (Great Grand daughter of William Barelli)writesEdwin Barelli was born in Bristol England on 21st August 1822, he was a Coachbuilder,he and his wife Ammelia Hiatt migrated to Australia (unassisted passage) aboard the “Vanguard” in 1862. Four children accompanied them, Maria aged 16, William aged 10, Rosa aged 5 and Henry 1 year old. … Continue reading »

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Ballier’s 1868 Victorian Directory for Jones’ Creek

BAILLIER’S 1868 VICTORIAN DIRECTORY JONES’ CREEK; Loddon District; Postal Village; Dist from Melb 113 miles Samuel Heming, C Sch Teacher, Thomas Comrie Postmaster ———————————- Allen William, storekeeper Anderson James, miner Argnani Augusto, inkmaker Aubrey David, miner Baker Charles, miner Barns Thomas, tailor, Grassy Flat Benson Robert, dairyman, Mosquito Gully Berry John, farmer, Grassy Flat Boan … Continue reading »

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Chinese people on the goldfields

CHINESE ON THE GOLDFIELDS CHINESE MAN ON GOLDFIELDS NEAR WAANYARRA Note the use of flattened out kerosene tins on the walls. By early 1857 things had quietened down at the Jones’ Creek diggings. But there was still the steady stream of “locals” and Chinese working the gullies, some having large finds. The Chinese were well … Continue reading »

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Edmund and Isabella Thorp

 EDMUND & ISABELLA THORP Edmund Stephen Thorp The background stories of this man and his wife Isabella show them to be two of Waanyarra’s most interesting early pioneers. Edmund was the fourth child of John Robert Thorp and Mary Ann Stevens who were married on January 12th. 1821. He was christened on the 15th. of … Continue reading »

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The “Penny” School

A privately run school, so named because (apparently) families could send their children there at the cost of one penny (less than one cent) per week. The Gibbs’ mud brick house was constructed with stone at the bottom five courses and corners and resisted erosion very well until the shingle roof collapsed about 30 years … Continue reading »

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Jones’ Creek School No.339

Victoria was the first colony to institute free, compulsory and secular schooling. But this was not achieved without argument, debate and conflict between Church leaders, politicians and colonial dissenters. By 1872 Jones’ Creek School had become one of the many secular schools in Victoria. The first school at Jones’ Creek was at Secret Hill. Its … Continue reading »

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Waanyarra State School No. 1879

LETTER TO THE BOARD OF EDUCATION from Waanyarra residents (c1873) Dear Sir, We, the inhabitants of Waanyarra desire to draw your attention to the fact that we are desireable of the means of instruction for our children, having no school in the locality and would earnestly pray that you would use your influence to establish … Continue reading »

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Fence Restoration and Signage

Some photos of the fence restoration work done by “The Families and Friends of Waanyarra” and information signage installed. This sign was one of the first projects completed by the Families and Friends of Waanyarra. It was made by photo engraving the text and images into the surface of a sheet of stainless steel—the etched … Continue reading »

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Michael Morton’s amazing transportation journey to Australia

MICHAEL’S JOURNEY. Many interesting stories of how Michael came to Australia have been handed down through the various branches of his descendants. Each of these stories has been checked, but no records can be found to verify them. Ireland to Australia No ships carrying either assisted or unassisted immigrants to Australia listed a Morton from … Continue reading »

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Ireland for the Morton / Motens in the late 1840s

Ireland in the late 1840s To better understand the reasons for Michael’s lawlessness, we need to appreciate what conditions were like for people such as he in Ireland at the time. Most of the rural land in Ireland belongs to wealthy men, some of whom live on their properties, administering them personally. Others are absentee … Continue reading »

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By Estella Evans (nee Bofill) Born at Waanyarra 1900 My grandparents, Martin and Katrina (nee Dromana) originated in Barcelona, Spain. Katrina worked on the cork plantation owned by Martin’s family. Martin and Katrina were married and went to live in London, where they had begun a cork importing business. By the early 1860’s they migrated to … Continue reading »

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The Gibbs Brothers

By Richard Shiell William was born at Edbury, Oxfordshire UK in 1832. He arrived in Australia on the “Salem” in March 1854 and died at Dunolly (?) on August 18th 1912. He lived at Nuggetty Flat with brothers John Woodman and Richard. None of the brothers married, and all are buried at Tarnagulla. William claimed he was … Continue reading »

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“Sly Grogging” at Waanyarra

SLY GROGGING AT WAANYARRA “The TARNAGULLA and LLANELLY COURIER” Saturday April 29th 1893 Selling Liquor without a license Daniel Ferguson Chief Inspector of Exercise Vs Jane Burstall For selling liquor without a license at Waanyarra on the 18th of March. Mr Ferguson conducted the prosecution, and Mr Phelps appeared for the defence, Mr Phelps objected … Continue reading »

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Aboriginal Occupation From “The Footsteps Echo” by Lynne Douthat

Once large in numbers, they declined to lesser tribes or families by the 1840’s when Methodist Minister E. S. Parker discovered them. Parker established an Aboriginal Mission at Jim Crow (Mt. Franklin)with comparative success. Observers state that Parker was well meaning and laboured for the blacks. He preached to his charges in their native language. … Continue reading »

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Burial Records

You may download burial lists for the historic Waanyarra Cemetery here: Waanyarra Cemetery Burial Records Adobe Reader).pdf Waanyarra Cemetery Burial Records (Open Office).odt Waanyarra Cemetery Burial Records (MS Word).doc Have you additional information ? Please submit it.   One of the Bronze Plaque Burial Records

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Reunion Photos

OUR “HOME” (Formally known as the “Bicycle Rest Area”) First “FAFOW” Reunion Musical entertainment A typical gathering Centenarian Jack Lockett drawing a raffle winner Our very first Auction item (1988) Morton & Moten Families 2011 Reunion

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School Teachers

Roll of Teachers Teaching staff records were not kept with much accuracy until the early 1890’s. Most of the Waanyarra School’s teachers roll was compiled from correspondence between the School the Board of Advice and the Education Department of Victoria. These letters are stored at the Public Records Office, Laverton, Victoria. Other names not included … Continue reading »

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Graves and Grave Markers

Part view—Waanyarra Historic Cemetery McAvoy grave c.1912  (Rachel Ashton ?) McAvoy grave  c.1970 ? Grave markers Grave markers Charnley – Chandler McCloy, Horan, O’Donnell Burial records plaques

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